Advanced Technologies

AVIN Systems offers solutions and services in cutting-edge advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud based and Vision based services.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AVIN offers the following services pertaining to AI.

  • Dataset Creation
    • Data Augmentation
    • Data Annotation
    • Data Analysis for Training
      • Dimensionality Reduction
      • Normalization of Data
    • Data Visualization
  • Algorithmic Development
    • Identifying problems
    • Efficiency analysis of Algorithm
    • Training Algorithm
    • Inference Engine
  • NLP and NLU based Solution
    • Web/Social Media Scraping
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Summarization
  • Tool Automation for Annotation/ Toolset Creation for Automation and Annotation
    • Web GUI Creation
    • GUI Development for AI
  • AI Platform Software
    • Data Preparation
    • ML/DL Algorithm Implementation
    • AI Models
    • Prediction Algorithm Implementation
  • AI Application SW Development
    • Object Detection
    • Drowsiness Detection System
    • Sound Signal Analysis
    • Customer Feedback Analyzer
  • Validation and Analysis
    • AI Model Validation
    • Dataset Validation
    • Human/AI Cross-Validation of Test Result
    • Identifying the variable/feature for impact analysis
  • Porting of AI to Embedded/Cloud Systems
    • Development of OS to support AI Framework
    • Building of controller compatible AI Model
    • Accelerators for Development and Deployment
    • Cloud Deployment

Cloud Application Support Services

AVIN offers the following services pertaining to Cloud Application Support

  • Application Development Support
  • Migrating Legacy Application
    • Intense Microservice Architecture
    • Application Deployment in Cloud
  • Infrastructure Development – Consulting
    • Public Cloud
    • Private Cloud
  • Deployment/Configuration – Consulting
  • Reports and Analytics
    • Generating detailed reports of specific resources
    • Monitoring and troubleshooting issues
  • Automation
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
    • Code Quality and Test Automation Integration
    • Automating Application Deployment
  • Database Services
    • Relational and non-relational databases

Vision Based Support Services

AVIN offers the following services pertaining to Vision-based systems

  • IoT Application Development Support:
    • Software Development Support for Platform Software
    • Software Development Support for IoT Applications: Java, JavaScript and Python
    • IoT Connectivity and Protocols
  • Multimedia Applications:
    • Camera Device Drivers and SDK for Windows and Linux OS for Standard SoCs
    • Software Development for Camera Driven APPs on Android and iOS
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