AGNOSAR Multi-core Safe Operating System

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AGNOSAR Multi-core Safe Operating System

AVIN has developed a Safety-Critical Multi-core Operating System which supports both AUTOSAR and Non-AUTOSAR environments

Operating System is one of the core components in an automotive ECU. It manages various subsystems of the microcontroller such as memory module, interrupt controller and facilitates execution of various tasks as per the pre-defined priorities.

Efficient handling of resources and faster switching between various tasks is very essential for any embedded system.

  • Based on AUTOSAR Release 4.2.1
  • Supports Scalability Class 4 (SC4)
  • Multi-Core support
  • Designed considering safety critical aspects e.g. ISO26262 (ASIL D)
  • In-built debug features
  • Modular design for easy portability on to various microcontrollers

AGNOSAR OS – Key Differentiators

Key Differentiators Description
Low CPU Time Overheads Low Task switching time
Low Interrupt Latency Time
Enhanced Integration Features Additional Error Handling Support
Support for Task Timing Measurement
Support for CPU Load Measurement
Business Model that supports Functional Safety Compliance AVIN offers various Business models to suit the customer needs.
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