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AUTOSAR Operating System

Supports both AUTOSAR and Non-AUTOSAR environments

Operating System is one of the core components in an automotive ECU. It manages various subsystems of the microcontroller such as memory module, interrupt controller and facilitates execution of various tasks as per the pre-defined priorities.

Efficient handling of resources and faster switching between various tasks is very essential for any embedded system.

AVIN AUTOSAR Operating System

Based on AUTOSAR Release 4.2.1

Supports Scalability Class 4 (SC4)

Multi-Core support

Designed considering safety critical aspects e.g. ISO26262

In-built debug features

Modular design for easy portability on to various microcontrollers


AVIN is an approved Bootloader supplier for Volvo Cars.

In an automotive ECU, Bootloader is a standalone program which starts executing on power-up. This downloads an application software onto the ECU through diagnostic communication link. Download feature is essential to reprogram the ECU during development, production and service.

Software download concept is based on a Primary Boot Loader (PBL) and a Secondary Bootloader (SBL). PBL is fixed in the ECU and executes always during power-on before the application is started. SBL is downloaded onto RAM and this downloads the rest of the applications and configuration files onto the ECU.

AVIN Bootloader

Based on ISO14229-1 UDS and ISO15765-2 Transport Protocols

Easy to integrate with AUTOSAR or Non-AUTOSAR ECU applications

Reduced download time using pipelined programming, LZSS data compression, Pre-calculated checksum and Optimized erasing/flashing process

Small footprint

Watchdog Support

Support for Relocating Interrupt Vector Table

Modular design for easy adaptation to bootloader specifications of various OEMs

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