AVIN Systems, is the home for Automotive Embedded Software Products and Services with specialization in AUTOSAR, ISO 26262 and In-Vehicle Networking.

Main Packages

Module Group Modules
COM Package Com, PduR
Diagnostics Package Dcm, Dem, Det
Mode Management Package ComM, EcuM(flex), BswM
Basic CAN Package CanIf, CanSM, CanTp
Add-on NM Nm (Without Gateway)
Additional Packages

Module Group Modules
LIN Package LinIf, LinSM
Memory Package NvM, MemIf, CRC
Ethernet Package EthIf, EthSM, UdpNm, TcpIp, DoIP
Watchdog Package WdgM, WdgIf
E2E (Generic) E2E (Generic)
E2E - ProfileVCC E2E - ProfileVCC
J1939 (For Trucks, Buses, and Farm Equipment) J1939Nm, J1939Rm, J1939Tp
Miscellaneous Packages

Module Group Modules
COM Package IpduM, LdCom
Diagnostics FiM
Option AUTOSAR CANNM with VCC extension AUTOSAR CanNm with VCC extn.
Option NM with NM Gateway AUTOSAR Nm
Global Time SynchronizedTimeBaseManager (StbM), TimeSyncOverCAN (CanTSyn), TimeSyncOverEthernet (EthTSyn)
System Service Time Service (Tm)
E2E - Add on E2E Transformer (E2EXf)
Memory - Add on Ea, Fee
Transformer Com Based Transformer (ComXf)
Security CryIf, Csm, Secured Onboard Communication (SecOC)
Ethernet - Add on Service Discovery (Sd), SOME/IP Transformer (SomeIpXf), SomeIpTp

Salient Features of AGNOSAR Classic Platform Basic Software are

  • Easy to use
  • Safety Ready Product
  • Ease of Configuration with Automation
  • OEM specific Harmonization
  • Support for SAE J1939 Standard for Trucks, Buses, and Farm Equipment programs
  • Extensive Email & Telephone support
  • Onsite integration Support services
  • Detailed documentation

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