AGNOSAR Adaptive Platform

AVIN Systems, is the home for Automotive Embedded Software Products and Services with specialization in AUTOSAR, ISO 26262 and In-Vehicle Networking.

AGNOSAR Adaptive Platform

AVIN offers the AGNOSAR Adaptive Platform and the associated Configuration & Generation Tools. Some of the salient features of AVIN’s Adaptive offering are:

  • Production intent platform based on AUTOSAR release 19.11*
  • Adaptive Platform compatible with OS such as QNX, Linux, etc.
  • Platform available on several high-end controllers of Xilinx, Renesas, NXP, Intel, Qualcomm, etc.

Functional Cluster wise salient features:

Key Features of Communication Manifest (CM)

  • Support for IPC and SOME/IP communication
  • Efficient zero-copy IPC mechanism
  • ara::com generator

Key Features of Execution Management (EM)

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Key Features of Platform Health Management (PHM)

  • Alive, Deadline and Logical supervision mechanisms.
  • Support for arbitration and actions.
  • ara::phm generator

Key Features of Diagnostic Management (DM)

  • Diagnostic Management compliant with ISO 14229-1
  • Support for multiple Diagnostic Server
  • Support of DoIP transport protocol
  • ara::diag generator

Key Features of Update and Configuration Management (UCM)

  • Partial or Full(A/B Partition) Updates
  • Performing software updates and providing log messages and progress information
  • Authentication and integrity check of the software package
  • Providing rollback functionality to restore a known functional state in case of failure
  • ara::ucm generator and package generator

Key Features of State Management (SM)

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Key Features of Network Management (NM)

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Key Features of Persistency (PER)

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Key Features of Log and Trace (L&T)

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Key Features of Time Synchronization (Tsync)

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Key Features of Cyptography (CRYPTO)

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