Advanced Technologies

AVIN offers Solutions for Computer Vision, Sound Signal, NLP, Cloud-based services, Camera-based applications, EV & BMS Services, and Cybersecurity Solutions.

AVIN Systems offers solutions and services in cutting-edge Advanced Technologies including AI-Assisted ADAS, AI, Cloud Application Support, EV Solutions, and Cybersecurity. 

AVIN Systems has always been striving hard to establish significant differentiators amongst partners who offer similar services. This has become a reality with AVIN owing to their continued, dedicated effort to build the necessary knowledge assets by working on prototypes, PoCs, and interactions with our esteemed customers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AVIN Systems offers development services in the area of AI/ML/DL for the Automotive and Non-Automotive industries. Training Data Generation, Data Augmentation, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning algorithm development constitute the experience profile of AVIN Systems.

AVIN offers solutions pertaining to Computer Vision, Sound Signal, and Natural Language Processing domains.

Cloud Application Support Services

AVIN provides Cloud-based services to customers including Cloud readiness audit/assessment, CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery), Analysis & Report generation, legacy Application Migration, Data Security & Monitoring, and Automatic Application Deployment.

  • Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud services
  • Cloud Configuration/Deployment
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Readiness Audit/Assessment
  • CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery

Vision Based Support Services

AVIN offers Vision solutions for camera-based applications in ADAS, Manufacturing, Robotics, Surveillance, and LMS (Learning Management Systems).

  • Developing Camera Device Drivers for Windows Operating System
  • Middleware development for Camera Driven APPs on Android and iOS
  • SDK development

Ev Solutions

AVIN offers solutions pertaining to Fast Charging, Charging Infrastructure, Power grid integration, and Power grid viability for the EV industry.

  • Integrated Charging Solution Design and Deployment on the Adaptive AUTOSAR Platform
  • Interfacing Charging Solution with Charing Infrastructure and Cloud Integration
  • AI-based Aging Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment for the EV battery pack
  • Custom-built Fast Charging solution for EVSE
  • AUTOSAR Integration services for BMS


AVIN team has extensive knowledge of ISO 26262 Functional Safety and ISO 21434 Cybersecurity Standards.

  • Overall Cybersecurity Management
  • Confirmation Review at milestones for Artifacts, Guidelines
  • Gap Analysis between Current Process and ISO 21434
  • Preparing of customized Gap Analysis Checklist in align with current process
  • Preparing Guidelines, Process Documents