Cloud Application Support Services

AVIN bridge the gap between Cloud Service providers & Application Developers by offering Cloud-based services to customers & relieving the overhead of deployment effort.

Cloud Application Support Solutions

Leading cloud service providers provide hundreds of services to the user community. AVIN through its cloud-based service portfolio attempts to bridge the gap between Cloud Service providers and the Application Developers thus relieving them from the overhead of deployment effort. AVIN team has the knowledge of varied toolchains and the skillset required for cloud integration. Specifically, AVIN provides Cloud-based services to customers including Cloud readiness audit/assessment, CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery), Analysis & Report generation, legacy Application Migration, Data Security & Monitoring, and Automatic Application Deployment.

Cloud Application Services

AVIN offers the below Cloud Application Services

  • Migrating Legacy Application
  • Cloud Readiness Audit/Assessment
  • CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery) as a service
  • Cloud Security
  • Analysis and Reports generation
  • Cloud Configuration/Deployment
  • Services based on Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud
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