AVIN Systems offers AGNOSAR® Classic Platform Basic Software, Multi-core Safe OS, BSW Modules, SWC Editor, Bootloader, Adaptive Platform and many more products.

AVIN’s Products Overview

AVIN’s AGNOSAR® Classic Platform Product line consists of

  • AGNOSAR® Multi-Core SAFE Operating System

AVIN has developed a Safety-Critical Multi-core Operating System which supports both AUTOSAR and Non-AUTOSAR environments


  • Easy to use
  • Safety Ready Product

AVIN’s in-house developed tool for ECU Configuration and Generation of AUTOSAR BSW modules.

ARTOP based AUTOSAR R4.3.x based SWC Editor, helps user to design their applications and components using diagram-based designer and Text based editor.

AVIN is an approved Bootloader supplier for Volvo Cars and other OEMs.

In an automotive ECU, Bootloader is a standalone program which starts executing on power-up.

AUTOSAR R4.2.2 based

  • Low Footprint (Approx. 50% of R4.2.2 features)
  • Can be used for Small ECUs

AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform

Global technological advancement has enriched the automotive sector in a huge way.

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