ISO 26262 Functional Safety Services

AVIN offers Functional Safety Services in Safety Engineering and Process and Safety Management. AVIN has Functional Safety Automation Tools (FuSAT) and Training.

ISO 26262 Functional Safety Services

Functional Safety features form an essential part of each automotive product development phase, spanning from specification, design, implementation, integration, verification, validation, and production release.

AVIN offers the Functional Safety Services in Safety Engineering and Process and Safety Management

Consultancy – Safety Engineering

  • Safety Consultancy in Safety Concept Verification
  • Safety Consultancy in Safety Validation
  • Safety Constancy in Supplier Safety Compliance activity
  • Functional Safety Analysis and compliance for ECU Application software
    • Software FMEA
    • FTA
    • HAZOP
    • Full Dependent Failure Analysis
    • Safety Analysis – FMEA using Tools
  • Software Tools Evaluation (TCL Analysis) and Qualification
  • Deriving Safety Requirements
  • Safety Testing using Safety Tools
  • Specific Tool design to support Functional Safety

Consultancy – Process and Safety Management

  • Preparing of Supplier Functional Safety Compliance Verification Checklist
  • Safety Audits and Pre –Assessments of Supplier Safety components
  • Gap Analysis between Current Customer Process and ISO 26262
  • Defining an Efficient Functional Safety Implementation Procedure
  • Consultation to update Organisational Process  to suit AutoSPICE and for ISO 26262 standard

Functional Safety Automation Tool (FuSAT)

  • HARA, SW SAR, and Tool Evaluation Criteria Plug-Ins … see more

FS Safety Training  … see more

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