Vision Based Support Services

AVIN has fundamental & domain-agnostic expertise in Vision-based Solutions like the Development of Camera Apps, Camera Device Drivers & IoT Application Support.

Vision Based Support Services

Cameras turn out to be affordable excellence when it comes to sense. While cameras have turned out an effective sensing element for ADAS in the automotive space when compared to other sensors like the Lidar and Radars, they are equally effective in non-automotive space too. Manufacturing, Robotics, Surveillance, LMS (Learning Management System) are some of the potential application domains. AVIN has fundamental and domain agnostic expertise when it comes to Vision based Solutions.

Vision Support Services

AVIN offers the below Vision based support services

  • Camera Device Drivers for Windows
  • Middleware Development for Camera Driven APPs on Android and iOS
  • IoT Application Development Support
  • Development of Camera Apps
  • Software services for IP Camera
  • SDK for Windows and Linux OS for Standard SoCs
  • SDK development for specialized Cameras
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