AVIN Systems is the first Asian development partner of AUTOSAR consortium introduced by Daimler AG. AVIN is developing high-quality products of AUTOSAR standards.

Automotive Open System Architecture

AUTOSAR standard aims to standardize software architectures of automotive electronic control units (ECUs). This standard helps in improving the performance, safety and environmental friendliness of innovative ECUs. It standardizes two software platforms – Classic AUTOSAR Platform and Adaptive AUTOSAR Platform. Moreover, it standardizes the architecture, methodology, application interfaces and acceptance tests for these platforms.

AVIN Systems is a development partner of AUTOSAR consortium. As a development partner, AVIN contributes to the development of AUTOSAR standards.

AVIN develops the following platform products:

  • AUTOSAR Classic Platform Product

    AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform Product

The products include the associated configuration tools and authoring tools. AVIN draws benefit from its AUTOSAR membership to produce high quality products.

Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems

ASAM is a non-profit organization that promotes standardization of tool chains for automotive ECU development and testing. ASAM members are international car manufacturers, suppliers, tool vendors, engineering service providers and research institutes from the automotive industry. ASAM standards are developed in work groups, composed of experts from member companies.

AVIN develops the following platform products:

  • Measurement, Calibration and Diagnostics

    ECU Networks

    Software Development

    Test Automation and Simulation

    Data Management and Analysis

AVIN offers platform products in the fields of measurement, calibration and diagnostics.