AVIN assisted Autonomous Driving (AD)

AVIN’s broad perspective of AI application domain enhances self-driving automobile by leveraging its deep understanding of diverse scenarios.

Autonomous Vehicles

The convergence of Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs), artificial intelligence cars(AI cars), and Self-Driving Automobiles (SDAs) is propelling the Automotive Industry into a new era of transformative change. These technologies are not just reshaping our vehicles but also redefining how we interact with them, making the future of transportation an exciting and intelligent journey.

These self-driving automobiles leverage cutting-edge sensors, artificial intelligence, and intricate algorithms to navigate roads and make real-time decisions, reducing the reliance on human intervention, and promising increased safety and convenience for commuters.

AVIN offers the below services pertaining autonomous ground vehicles(AGVs)

  • Perception data from cameras to generate training datasets at a huge scale
  • Implementation of perception algorithms such as detection, classification, and tracking
  • Multi-sensor fusion and localization
  • Test case and scenario-based executions
  • SIL-based execution and testing
  • Algorithm verification on synthetic data
  • Agile deployment
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