Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge

SOAFEE Overview

The Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge (SOAFEE) project is an industry-led collaboration defined by automakers, semiconductor suppliers, open-source and independent software vendors, and cloud technology leaders. The initiative intends to deliver a cloud-native architecture enhanced for mixed-criticality automotive applications with corresponding open-source reference implementations to enable commercial and non-commercial offerings.

Building on technologies like Project Cassini and SystemReady, which define standard boot and security requirements for Arm architecture, SOAFEE adds the cloud-native development and deployment framework while introducing functional safety, security, and real-time capabilities required for automotive workloads.

SOAFEE Special Interest Group

The SOAFEE Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to lead and define the cloud-native development paradigm required for a new era of efficient edge workloads. The SIG comprises of the Governing Body, Steering Committees and Working Groups.

Why AVIN Systems has joined the SOAFEE SIG

AVIN is excited to be a part of the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) evolution by supporting the transformation of the automotive industry by developing high-performance, secure, and reliable cloud computing solutions. AVIN brings its vast expertise in automotive platforms, hardware abstraction, cloud technologies, middleware, functional safety and cybersecurity to the SOAFEE SIG initiative, for realizing SDVs. AVIN aims to standardize the framework of SDV collectively to get greater co-operation between suppliers and OEMs.