Impact of AI on Automobiles

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Impact of AI on Automobiles


AI is the key to future automotive industries. AI plays a tremendous role in automotive industries beyond development, engineering, logistics, product, supply chain, client experience, marketing, deals, mobility services, etc. AI will bring a massive transforming world of Automobiles. People generally think of AI in the context of Automobiles as self-driving cars, but the impact of AI is much broader. AI in the automotive industry is making intense upgrades and expansions. Allied with the proficiency of machine learning and big data, it transforms how we will reach our destinations. It not only monitors jams but also increases the safety of drivers and passengers. According to some research, the value of Automotive AI and Cloud services will grow up to $60 billion by 2030.

When we get closer to AI in Automotive Industries, we find the following impacts of AI on vehicles.

Accident Prevention: AI and Deep Learning based automotive applications enable numerous valuable in-car analytics. Cameras and sensors can easily detect the driver’s drowsiness and eye closure, process real-time results with alerts, and prevent major accidents. Click here to view the demo.

AI Driving: There are different levels of Automation in Self-driving vehicles. But in general, AI enables cars to act like human perceptual and decision-making processes with the help of sensors, cameras, radar, and deep learning. It automatically handles driver control systems, traffic signs, lights, obstacles, etc.

Adaptive Cruise Control: ACC can automatically accelerate, slow down, and at times stop the vehicle, depending on the other object’s actions in the immediate area.

Automatic parking: AI enables vehicles can complete automatic parking with the help of multiple sensors without the driver’s help.

Adaptive light control: Depending on the vehicle’s environment and darkness it adapts the strength, direction, and rotation of headlights.

Crosswind Stabilization: AI enables vehicles can detect the strong pressure of crosswind at the time of driving and apply breaks.

AVIN’s contribution towards the Automobile Industry: AVIN Systems is dedicated and working toward the future of Automobiles for the next generation of vehicles. AVIN having years of experience in AUTOSAR and as an ASPICE level-3 certified award-winning organization reached many milestones in the Automotive domain.

AVIN is continuously working on AI-assisted ADAS services, cloud application support services, Vision-Based Support systems, EV solutions, Cybersecurity solutions, and many more Advanced Technologies with some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world to create next-generation vehicles.