AGNOSAR® Functional Safety Automation Tool (FuSAT)

AVIN Systems, is the home for Automotive Embedded Software Products and Services with specialization in AUTOSAR, ISO 26262 and In-Vehicle Networking.

Functional Safety Automation Tool

HARA, SW SAR and Tool Evaluation Criteria Plug-Ins

AVIN offers Functional Safety Automation Tool (FuSAT). FuSAT (Functional Safety Automation Tool) assists to perform safety-related activities per ISO 26262 standards.

This tool helps to perform HARA (Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment), Software Safety Analysis (FMEA/HAZOP/FTA), and Software Tool Criteria Evaluation (TCL and TQ) with predefined/Custom template.

Why FuSAT?

  • Simple to use with basic automation
  • Separate modules support for Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment, Software Tool Evaluation criteria, and Safety Analysis
  • Custom template editor feature
  • Review checklist per ISO 26262
  • Graphical representation of Metric Distribution chart for all modules
  • Workspace editor to view Items and Element
  • Ability to perform ASIL decomposition
  • Tree View: Tree structure and Graphical presentation of Traceability
  • Import of HARA/TCL Data with any excel template
  • Baselining feature, to support Configuration Management
  • Tool output can be imported to any third-party tool easily
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