EV Solutions

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Solutions

Carbon Emissions and the imminent fossil fuel extinction are the major driving factors for EV development and deployment. Driving range limitation and the latency in battery charging are the major show stoppers for EV deployment. Fast Charging, Charging Infrastructure, Power grid integration, Power grid viability for the EV industry are certain imperatives for the critical success of the EV industry. Having been in the automotive line of business for quite some time, it is a nominal extension for AVIN Systems to get engaged in EV-related software services.

AVIN offers the below services pertaining to Electric Vehicles

  • Custom-built Fast Charging solution for EVSE
  • AUTOSAR Integration services for BMS
  • Integration of Fast Charging solution with AVIN Mini AUTOSAR Stack
  • Integrated Charging Solution Design and Deployment on Adaptive AUTOSAR Platform
  • Interfacing Charging Solution with Charing Infrastructure and Cloud Integration
  • AI-based Aging Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment for the EV battery pack
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