ADAS Support

AVIN Systems, is the home for Automotive Embedded Software Products and Services with specialization in AUTOSAR, ISO26262 and In-Vehicle Networking.

ADAS Support

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, are systems to help the driver in the driving process. When designed with a safe human-machine interface, ADAS increases the car safety and more generally road safety.

AVIN intends the development of technology expertise in Deep Learning (DL) for automotive requirements through execution of potential use cases.

AVIN supports the following activities under ADAS

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based ADAS applications

  • Training Set Creation (Public Domain data, experimental data and real-life data) for AI
  • Platform SW development for AI/Deep Learning applications
  • Data Annotation for AI/Deep Learning applications (Image, Video or other Signatures for ADAS and autonomous driving apps.)
  • Deep Learning – Natural Language Processing Integrated platform for AI/Deep Learning Applications
  • Deep Learning application SW development

2. Integration of AUTOSAR/Adaptive AUTOSAR into ADAS Application

3. PoC/Pilot of Deep Learning based applications

  • Driver Fatigue Detection System (DFDS)
  • Sound Signal based ADAS Application
  • Traffic Sign Decipher
  • Number Plate Detection
  • Natural Language Processing

4. Signal/Image (1D/2D) processing platform for AI/Deep Learning based developments

5. Simulation based investigations of ADAS components

  • MATLAB & Simulink, Scilab

6. Conducting core research in advanced technologies

  • AI, Deep Learning, FPGA customization, CPU-FPGA platform for prototype, Autonomous driving
  • Algorithmic development

7. Support for Production and Deployment of AI/Deep Learning based ADAS applications

8. Test Scripts based Automation Tool Development including Plug-in support

9. Algorithms compliant with Functional Safety ASIL Level Support – Ensure Software Development, Testing, and Documentation compliance to ISO 26262

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